And When You Smile For the Camera

Everyone can be photogenic, all people are beautiful and anyone can photograph like a model. It just takes a little work. Everywhere I go, people ask me questions about how they can look their best in photos so I decided to write about it in today’s blog. The art of taking great pictures is just that– an art that takes work to be perfected. The subject must know their best angles, their best colors and what type lighting is most complimentary. For example, I learned very early in my modeling career that side lighting is horribly unflattering. Similarly, outdoor mid-day bright sun is equally unforgiving. In the movie business, they call this “monster lighting” because the monsters look scarier when lit brightly from above. The best light and also the most flattering is light that hits your face straight on, either early morning or in the evening. I call it, “sweet light”. If you find yourself with a group who wants to get a photo during the noon hour, convince them to move under an awning or porch and into shade.
Posing is another acquired skill. Start by standing with one foot in front of the other and turn your hips slightly to the side. If you can point your front foot toward the picture taker, even better. You’ll look taller. If you’re a fashion blogger, don’t crop your feet out of the image as this shortens you. More tips:  If you’re wearing short sleeves or no sleeves, put your hands on your waist, this will slim your arms. Arms flat at your sides spread out. Always angle your face slightly, most people don’t photograph well straight on. If someone is shooting a profile photo of you, swallow right before they click the picture. This will give your jawline a nice curve and gets rid of a slight double chin. If you have a long face, tilt your chin up to round your face. For people with gaps between their teeth, push your tongue against your teeth when you smile and the gaps disappear in photos.
When shooting selfies, hold the camera higher than your head and turn your face slightly to the right or left. Finally, bright, warm colors tend to look better in pictures than cool pastels, as the warm brights make your skin glow.
Those are a few of my pointers, I could write all day on this topic. Remember to experiment in a full length mirror with your cell phone to find your best angles. Soon, you’ll be taking your photos with complete confidence!


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  1. February 6, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    Thanks for the tips Shaun! We so need these… we gotta start practicing in front of the mirror. 🙂

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