Getting Sleek for Summer Bikinis

Diet and Excercise Tips for a Swimsuit Body

  1. Bikini Ready in no Time!

    I get asked all of the time about my health and fitness routine, so today I’m sharing exactly what I do and what I’ve done for the past 15 years. First, as much as most people hate to exercise, you must get yourself moving. I love the Stairmaster. As antiquated as it is, there really is nothing like it for glutes and thighs. When mine broke down last year, I even borrowed a friend’s truck and drove across the state to pick one up I bought from someone on EBay who was moving. I try to do Stairmaster or some other cardio for at least thirty minutes each day. If you can’t go for thirty minutes straight, try watching something on TV and do high impact dance or an exercise machine for five minutes every commercial break. I’ll be doing this tonight during Ghost Agventures commercial breaks! I also like to run or walk on the treadmill. Do crunches for your stomach every day. I do nothing for my arms other than lifting heavy pet food bags. When I bring them in from the car, I force myself to hold them as long as I can. This gives my arms considerable strength. Give yourself a day off each week. As far as my diet goes, I keep my calories under 1300 per day. I eat a lot of salads, but skip dressing. I also always blot grease and oil off of my chicken or fish. I never eat beef. Never. Ever since a random chicken showed up out of nowhere and made a nest on my porch in a flower pot, I’m considering writing off chicken too. I eat a lot of broth-based soups and usually yogurt and fruit for breakfast or a toasted plain bagel with no butter. I give myself a cheat day every week, and if I occasionally want chocolate or sweets, I just add it into my daily calorie count. I love the two pack Reese’s cups at only 250 calories. I don’t drink any alcohol, I drink tons of water, and my vices are Diet Coke and coffee. When I have to shoot swimsuits, I avoid anything carbonated for two weeks before. Carbonated drinks make you retain water. So that’s pretty much it, it’s not a diet but how I actually live. It may sound spartan, but when you get used to not eating dressing, sauces or grease and oil, you actually start to notice the actual flavor of foods. You can shop the bikinis in this post below. Happy running, walking and Stairmastering!

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