Perfect Accessories

Accessories are a sometimes underestimated but always key element to stylish dressing. A perfect choker, pearl bracelet or bangle stack can really complete a look. My mom used to always say,  “Don’t junk up your look with too much jewelry, look in the mirror and take off what you see first.” Mom really knew what she was talking about, her words have endured the test of time. For example, when wearing a simple column dress, a bold link necklace in silver or gold is a flawless accent. My rule is, when wearing a statement necklace, pair it with small earrings and a bracelet. When wearing no necklace, choose large earrings and a bracelet. When wearing no necklace and stud earrings, do a big bangle stack. This brings me to my bangle stack that I get so many inquiries on. I just adore David Yurman. The pieces are so collectible. I mix a few 5mm bangles with a couple 10mm pieces, but you can do whatever suits your personality. I have a friend who wears a stack of fifteen 5mm bracelets and it suits her personality perfectly. I am linking to a few of my current Yurman bracelets. Like everything else in fashion, have fun with your pieces and find out what suits you best.

Yurman bracelets I love:

The green and blue on this one is crazy cool;

Love the barbed wire feel of this:

Here’s a nautical piece that will be great for spring:


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