Stopping Time- Time and Time Again

Today in Miami I was stopped in the airport by a lady wanting to know what kind of watch I was wearing. I explained to her that it’s my wooden watch designed by the Jord Watch Company. In my opinion, what makes this watch so special and unique is the golden-toned, champagne face next to the rich, dark zebrawood grain. The warm golden-toned face matches all of my gold jewelry and the polished, refined zebrawood grain is so total unlike any other timepiece that it literally stops people in their tracks. I also totally love the band and the clasp. The clasp is hidden and it gives the watch a jewelry feel so it’s more like a bracelet you’re wearing rather than a watch. Once on board the plane, I pulled the company website up on my phone and showed to the lady who then pulled the website up bought my watch on the spot.

I’m not getting paid to say this, it really happened! As I’ve said in my previous post last week, Jord Watches are the must have, chic accessory of the season. I can’t wait to wear this on vacation with my linen and cotton hot weather wardrobe. The vision of sipping a fruity, umbrella drink under a tiki hut with this on my wrist sounds like my cool girl moment of the summer. I’m also really excited to collect some more of their pieces with different metallic-toned accents to match my different jewelry pieces.

I’ll be giving a Jord Watch away, so be sure to enter my giveaway on my Instagram account, @realshaune

Check out all the Jord Watch goodies:

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Link to our women’s shop :
Link to my watch:
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